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                                   Inventory Management Services














1. Time savings - Instead of spending hours manually auditing and tracking inventory on a periodic basis, automating your inventory management with software can help provide a dynamic look at your business.  As a result, you won’t keep customers waiting on their sales orders, which could result in poor customer experience and lost business.

2. Cost savings - According to the 2018 National Retail Security Survey, 21.5% of inventory “shrinkage” — i.e. lost inventory — results from administrative and paperwork errors during the data-entry process.

3. Budget and forecasting - Real-time data helps you make business decisions about purchasing and sales. You can easily discover which products your customers love and which suppliers are slow to deliver.


Aerial Inventory Tracking

•Constantly monitor inventory levels


•Arrival and departure of assets to specific stations or site

•Real-time Location data

•Large number of objects to be tracked

•Precise inventory management

•Accurate inventory reports

Aerial Slolution

•Smart Cloud Solution

•RFID scanning


•Wearable & Smart Sensors

•Commercial Grade UAV/Drones


•Automation saves time, increases accuracy, reserves human labor

•Inventory input time reduced by 50%

Indurstries Served

Government (Local/State/Federal)                       Construction

Infrastructure                                                            Agriculture

Forestry                                                                      Golf Course

Resorts/Campground                                               Real Estate

Insurance                                                                    Power and Utilities

FAA Part 107 Certified

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